IFAM Industrial Padlocks


The IFAM range has  top quality European made padlocks for all Industrial, Office and Domestic security needs. Supplied in individual Blister Packs for single use or in Keyed Alike sets for multiple applications.
 Keyed Alike padlock sets are widely used in situations where a single keyholder needs to control access to several points. For example we could be talking about a boat with one or more doors or hatches, or several equipment lockers,or several farm buildings or storage units. In these situations it is time wasting and annoying to keep looking for the correct key to fit a particular lock.
The simple solution is a Keyed Alike set where ONE KEY FITS ALL. Keep one key on your key reel and a spare in your safe.
There is no limit to the number of locks you can have operating from the same key. This is only limited by common sense. Obviously, the more keys there are in circulation the lower the security level. However, if the objects to be secured are either of low value or they are secured for safety reasons, then having several matching keys controlled by supervisors is not a problem.
All IFAM industrial padlocks are available in Keyed Alike sets. Popular sets, such as 3's or 6's are already listed in our online shop. For other quantities just send us an email enquiry for a quick quote.
This page shows the wide range of IFAM industrial padlocks. Order from our online shop for immediate delivery or contact us if you need more information.